In early 2013, GT Technik was formed by a global network of motorsport professionals to offer the best in performance tuning and motorsport services in the world. Unlike any other company in this niche market, GT Technik offers you the very best when it comes to modifying your performance vehicle as well as offering you top-tier racing services through our exclusive worldwide network of motorsport professionals.

GT Technik core competencies include performance modifications such as Motorsport support services, full fabrication in-house, software tuning, exhaust systems, suspension tuning, fabrication, performance brake upgrades, custom interiors, chassis fabrication, aerodynamic upgrades and bespoke custom builds.

Our networks of partners come from industry leading companies, top automotive manufacturers and championship winning teams throughout the world.

Historically the performance enthusiast has been limited to a geographical area and the skill set a particular company had in building their vehicle.    GT Technic takes this to a whole new level and offers the enthusiast a truly unique experience by having specialists on staff around the world who can build you the vehicle of your dreams or offer you the winning advantage on the track.  Not only does GT Technik work with a worldwide network of specialists but also has specialty satellite locations across the globe where we can service our customers at any time a need arises.

GT Technik has primary facilities in Irvine, California. However, we are capable of creating custom builds and perform installs almost anywhere in the world on short notice.

Our worldwide team of specialists is made up of professionals with backgrounds in performance tuning, motorsport – from professional racing to club racing, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, composites manufacturing, engine development, chassis engineering, engine building, vehicle dynamics specialists, electrical specialists, brake specialists, tire specialists, interior specialists and old world craftsmen coachbuilders who use their hands when building a vehicle.

GT Technik motorsport team combines over 30 years of championship-winning experience from prototype cars with multiple Le Mans wins, multiple GT championships in IMSA, Sports Car, FIA GT3, Supercup, and multiple manufacture spec series. Open wheel expertise from F1, IndyCar, F3000 and off-road racing as early as Gruppe B to modern day WRC Rally racing as well as Trophy Truck and Formula Drift.

Additionally, our team of motorsport specialists have an unparalleled amount of experience in racing historic race cars specializing in sports cars, can am, prototypes, open wheel, trans am and rally vehicles from 1970+. Our specialty includes makes like Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, Jaguar, McLaren, Aston Martin.