Driver Training / Driver Management

GT Technik offers driver training and development programs for entry-level drivers to veterans who are interested in improving there skill set.

Our programs consist of comprehensive on track one on one training with Pro Drivers who have raced with many of the factory teams such as Audi, Porsche, BMW, Cadillac and more.

Whether you are just getting started and are looking to get the maximum out of your road car, or you are interested in finding out if you have what it takes to take the next step onto amateur racing and ultimately climb to  semi-pro or even professional level sports car racing our team of driver coaches are highly educated in the fine art of racing.

Our comprehensive program not only teaches you how to go fast on the track but it also teaches you how to understand vehicle dynamics and data but gives you the skill set to take this information and translate it into faster lap times.

For those seeking to improve the entire package, we also focus on “you the athlete” working with you to set up a training program along with specialized nutrition plans to optimize your performance on tracking off.

Your body is a machine just like the car you are driving and in order to perform on the track, you need to be at a top level.  Regardless of age or fitness level our sports nutritionist and driver coaches will help you raise the level of your own performance.  Not only will this help you on the track but also improve productivity and focus in your daily life.

Race Car Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive menu in maintaining your race car. Our programs are fully customizable to any budget.  We support clients who simply want our experts to offer basic pre-weekend maintenance and set up to full-fledged transportation, arrive and drive programs at the club or pro level.

Race Car Storage

Race Cars require special care and preparation when they are not on track and are being stored.  Its no secret that simply parking a racecar without properly prepping it is the absolute worst thing you can do to it.

From fuel cells to tire maintenance to thorough cleaning, our team will keep your car running and looking like new. Let our staff specialist properly store your vehicle for short or long-term storage or from race weekend to race weekend.

Proper storage of your racecar can save thousands of dollars per year in maintenance and service costs. Because of the attention to detail and amount of prep each vehicle receives we limit the number of racecars we store at our facilities.

What makes our storage service different than other facilities?  It’s simple: we are full service functioning workshop that can not only store your vehicle but aid in its servicing it.  Most other storage facilities are just that they are simply storage facilities and nothing more.

Track Prep

We offer track prep services for full-fledged race cars as well as for road cars that are used at track day events.

Our team of specialists has the expertise and experience to foresee problems before they arise. From the traditional nut and bolt prior to a track weekend to full track setups which including scaling, corner weighing and properly aligning a vehicle to ensure that it is handling at its highest level our team knows what it takes to keep you up front.

Set up or track alignments are often times considered an art form. Everyone has their idea of what works and what doesn’t. Our suspension specialists come from not only an engineering background but also on track real-world experience. Our team of specialists has the know how to translate your feedback and the vehicles feedback to make even the smallest change which can greatly affect the handling of a vehicle.

The level of maintenance and service a vehicle receives at GT Technik is second to none. Our team of specialists understands and knows what it takes to properly maintain a vehicle that is pushed to its limits. With decades of experience, our team has cut their teeth in the real world racing at highest levels of motorsport. This on hands experience has given them the upper hand when it comes to maintaining your race car or track car.

Vehicle Transportation

We offer a full-service vehicle transportation to all of our clients. The race car transportation involves various levels of service offered, from just transporting the vehicle, all the way to shipping out the entire team’s vehicles, parts, tools and additional equipment to race circuits nationwide. We also offer a completely enclosed transportation service and/or branded trailers, available to all of our racing customers.

Vehicle Wraps / Marketing Media

Today’s marketing world is an ever-changing landscape our team of global partners are amongst the top in the industry.

A marketing partnership with GT Technik is much more than just a certain amount of likes on social media or followers on Facebook.

GT Technik takes the unique approach of being a brand ambassador in the real world touching your specific market demographic directly through real-world one on one activation.

No smoke and mirrors marketing with views and likes, just real-world relationship building one on one. In addition, our team of partners offers video and digital marketing for you and your brand.

As a driver and team member, our focus is “You” first and what you want to achieve, as a brand its the association with a first-class operation like GT Technik and the broad scope of cross-marketing that allows you to reach more people through top-tier strategic partnerships.

Commercial / Film work

Our team of partners have worked on television, cable and major motion pictures and have the experience and resources to provide you top-tier Hollywood level productions at fraction of the cost that most agencies will charge.  Working directly with the producers, directors, film crews and editors we have an advantage as our core focus in the automotive industry.


GT Technik motorsport team combines over 30 years of championship-winning experience from prototype cars with multiple Le Mans wins, multiple GT championships in IMSA, Sports Car, FIA GT3, SuperCup, and multiple manufacture spec series. Open wheel expertise from F1, IndyCar, F3000 and off-road racing as early as Gruppe B to modern day WRC Rally racing as well as Trophy Truck and Formula Drift.

Additionally, our team of motorsport specialists have an unparalleled amount of experience in racing historic race cars specializing in sports cars, can am, prototypes, open wheel, trans am and rally vehicles from 1970+. Our specialty includes makes like Porsche, Ferrari, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Nissan, Mazda, Ford, Jaguar, McLaren, Aston Martin.