GT Technik offers a wide variety of motorsport services for modern and vintage racecars. We specialize in the GT, Touring, Sports Cars and prototype racecars.

Core Specialty:

  • Porsche (GT3 Cup, R, RS, RSR as well as vintage 911 models 934,935 and prototype
    956,962 models)
  • Mercedes Benz (90’s DTM and Touring Cars, current GT3 spec)
  •  Ferrari (Specializing in 1980+ models, 360, 430, 458, 488 Challenge, 2000’s GT
    models and current GT3 specification 458 and 488 GT3 as well as vintage F40/LM
    spec cars)
  • Audi (A4 DTM, SuperTouring, 90’s DTM models, Rally Gruppe A, B, and current
    models such as the R8 LMS, R8 Ultra, TT-RS/RS4 -VLN and new RS3 LMS)
  • BMW (Race Cars from 1970+ including 2002, E9 Coupes, M Cars specializing in all
    generation of the M3, ALMS, WC, Grand Am and current GT3 models.
  • Aston Martin (Vantage GT3 /GT4)
  • Nissan GTR (DTM, Gruppe A, Current GT3 – R32-R33- R34- R35)
  • Mitsubishi Evo , Subaru STI, Acura NSX
  • Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro GT and Trans Am Cars.
  • Dodge Viper ACR, GT , Viper Challenge and GT3 spec.

GT Technik has specialists around the world that we work with in maintaining and preserving your vintage racecar. Many of our specialists are the exact same team members who worked on these cars in their glory days with experience from factory werks teams to top privateer teams that raced these vehicles.For customers with modern and current spec racecars we work directly with the factories including Porsche Motorsport, AMG Customer Sports, Audi Sport Customer Racing, Scuderia Ferrari, NISMO, BMW Motorsport in the maintenance and support of these vehicles.

Whether its a vintage vehicle that is not replaceable and it needs to be maintained to the most stringent standards of its era or if it’s the newest GT3 spec machine that requires specialty tools and procedures to properly race it, rest assured our team has the knowledge know-how and attention to detail to keep your machine in perfect running condition.

If you have a specialty vehicle and it is not on our normal menu please inquire about support. If its something we cant take on we would be happy to recommend a specialist in our trusted global network.


We offer track prep services for full-fledged race cars as well as for road cars that are used at track day events.

Our team of specialists has the expertise and experience to foresee problems before they arise. From the traditional nut and bolt prior to a track weekend to full track
setups which including scaling, corner weighing and properly aligning a vehicle to ensure that it is handling at its highest level our team knows what it takes to keep
you up front.

Set up or track alignments are often times considered an art form. Everyone has their idea of what works and what doesn’t. Our suspension specialists come from not only an engineering background but also on track real-world experience. Our team of specialists have the know how to translate your feedback and the vehicles feedback to make even the most smallest change which can greatly effect the handling of a vehicle.

The level of maintenance and service a vehicle receives at GT Technik is second to none. Our team of specialists understands and knows what it takes to properly
maintain a vehicle that is pushed to its limits.. With decades of experience our team has cut their teeth in the real world racing at highest levels of motorsport. This on
hands experience has given them the upper hand when it comes to maintaining your race car or track car.


We offer a comprehensive menu in maintaining your race car. Our programs are fully customizable to any budget. We support clients who simply want our experts to offer basic pre weekend maintenance and set up to full fledged transportation, arrive and drive programs at the club or pro level.


We offer a comprehensive storage program at both California and Florida facilities. Our storage plans include everything from simple storage to maintenance service,
pick up and delivery, vehicle detailing.

Have a 3rd, 4th or 5th car and you simply don’t have a place to keep it at home? Let us safely store your vehicle for you. Simply give us a call to schedule pick up and
we will have it ready to go for you when you arrive, need it for the day or the week? No problem. Once your done simply drop it off or give us a call and we will come
pick it up. Your vehicle will be detailed, all fluid and vital systems checked, put back into storage so its ready to go the next time you need it.


We offer vehicle storage services at our locations in Miami Florida and Irvine, California. With our full concierge service, you receive a customizable to your specific needs. Our storage services can be combined with our track support programs or if you simply need a place to keep your car in a safe environment because space is limited we will gladly store your vehicle for you.

Because of the attention to detail and amount of preparation that each vehicle undergoes before storing it, we limit the number of vehicles that we store at our facilities. With our vehicle storage services, not only we provide the basic storage service, but also provide with vehicle maintenance, parts replacement or any additional work needed to keep your car in running condition and ready for the next season as soon as you come to pick it up.


Race Cars require special care and preparation when they are not on track and are being stored. Its no secret that simply parking a racecar with out properly prepping
it is the absolute worst thing you can do to it. From fuel cells to tire maintenance to thorough cleaning, our team will keep your car running and looking like new.
Let our staff of specialist properly store your vehicle for short or long-term storage or from race weekend to race weekend. Proper storage of your racecar can save thousands of dollars per year in maintenance and service costs.

Because of the attention to detail and amount of prep each vehicle receives we limit the amount of racecars we store at our facilities. What makes our storage service different than other facilities? Its simple we are full service functioning work shop that can not only store your vehicle but aid in its servicing it. Most other storage facilities are just that they are simply storage facilities and nothing more.